Blink level 2 charger price

Our Blink Network is a proprietary cloud-based software that operates, maintains, and tracks all of the EV charging stations connected to the network and the associated charging data.

Blink Network provides businessesproperty ownersproperty managers, and businesses with cloud-based services that enable the remote monitoring and management of EV charging stations, payment processing, and provides EV drivers with vital EV charger information including station location, directions, availability, and applicable fees.

With Blink HQ you get complete range confidence in a sleek, compact unit that charges four times faster than the level 1 cord that came with your EV. The HQ is compatible with all electric vehicles. Typically V, single phase AC input, is the most common type of charging your electric car available in the United States.

Level 2 EV charging is used for charging electric vehicles at home single-family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, etc. Depending on the electric vehicle's charge rate and the state of its battery, the new Blink Level 2 EV charger can deliver up to 60 miles per hour of charging. Currently, all electric cars sold in the United States can charge using our Level 2 EV charging stations.

The Blink V, triple phase, AC units are most common type of charging stations for European car models. Our Level 2 European Charger is the fastest AC charging stations common for shared spaces where multiple electric vehicles can charge. Residential housing communities, schools, and recreational centers and Commercial shopping centers, healthcare facilities and workplaces spaces can all benefit from these dual-port stations.

The IQ s have a future-proof, ergonomic and energy-saving focused design that makes it easy to operate and manage through the Blink Network. Typically V, 3-Phase AC input, is used for charging electric vehicles in commercial locations, as it requires more electrical infrastructure.

Therefore, DCFC stations are currently not as widespread as Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. DC Fast Charging connectors vary by station.

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Designed with roadside providers in mind, the Blink Mobile Emergency Charger delivers the speed of the Blink IQ charging station and the convenience of a mobile charger that will get EV motorists back on the road if they need a quick charge. Blink Network for EV Drivers. Become a Blink Member, Set Notifications. Blink Network for Hosts. Create Users, Set Permissions, and Access. Standard and Custom Reports. Remote Software Updates and Troubleshooting. Learn More.

Level 2 EV Charging. Level 2 EV Charging Europe. Mobile Emergency Charger.There may be federal, state, and local rebates and incentives available for electric vehicles EV and EV charging equipment or installation. A sampling of these incentives are noted below. Rebates and incentives are currently available on a first come, first serve basis, so to learn more about the Blink EV charging stationscontact us today!

For a complete list of current incentives available, please visit the U.

blink level 2 charger price

Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel website. The City of Anaheim is currently offering a rebate to customers who install a Level 2 charging station. In addition to the rebate, the City's permit application fees related to the installation of the charger will be waived.

Applications will be accepted through June 30,subject to the availability of funds. Read More Applications open periodically for both grants. Rebates are limited to six chargers per business and workplace. The rebates are available for charging stations purchased between November 1, and June 30, District of Columbia. The ChargeUP!

Sarasota County program will rebate up to half the cost of buying and installing new charging stations in Sarasota County. Funding is limited.

Learn more at the ChargeUP! Charging stations must be installed between April 1 and November 17, For more info click here.

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Rebates are available for Alliant Energy commercial and industrial electric customers in Iowa and Wisconsin. The charging station must be purchased and installed between January 1, and December 31, Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until rebate funds are exhausted. For more information about all rebates in Iowa, please visit the rebates website.

Click here for more info. Massachusetts employers with 15 or more employees in non-residential places of business are eligible. The tax credit is authorized through January 1, but is subject to annual funding appropriations.California Incentives. The City of Anaheim is currently offering a rebate to customers who install a Level 2 charging station. In addition to the rebate, the City's permit application fees related to the installation of the charger will be waived.

The program is open until all funds are exhausted. Up to four rebates are available for a BWP multi-family house account or a commercial account. Charger must be new and have a purchase and installation date of July 1, or later.

Applications must be submitted no later than four months from the date of purchase and are accepted on a first-come first serve basis until rebate funds are exhausted. Rebate applications will be accepted subject to availability of funds. Please visit the GWP website for more info. EVSEs must be installed with a J plug. To find out more information, please visit the CPAU website.

Applications for this first-come, first serve rebate opportunity will be accepted until rebate funds have been exhausted.

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The Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility "RCMU" is offering a rebate for electric vehicle infrastructure for businesses, municipal facilities, and large residential developments. This rebate is valid until June 30, For more info, please visit the RCMU website.

Reviewed: Blink IQ 200 High-Powered EV Charger

Click here for more information about the rebates offered. To be eligible for the rebate or charger, completed applications must be postmarked within days of the date of purchase or lease of the PEV.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

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Funding amounts apply towards the charger, eligible installation costs, and necessary signage some exclusions apply, such as fees for permits, document preparation, consulting, site evaluation, etc.

All charging stations must be installed in Santa Barbara County. Applications for this first-come, first-served funding opportunity will be accepted until funds are exhausted. For more info, please visit the program website. The South Coast Air Quality Management District's "SCAQMD" Clean Fuels Program provides funding for research, development, demonstration, and deployment projects that are expected to help accelerate the commercialization of advanced low emission transportation technologies.

Eligible projects include powertrains and energy storage or conversion devices e. Projects are selected via specific requests for proposals on an as-needed basis or through unsolicited proposals. Eligible borrowers must be small businesses with 1, or fewer employees and must maintain legal control of the EVSE for the entire loan period. The California Energy Commission funds the Program. The borrower repays over a defined period of time through a special assessment on the property.

Property owners must agree to a contractual assessment on the property tax bill, have a clean property title, and be current on property taxes and mortgages. The California Energy Commission CEC administers the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program ARFVTP to provide financial incentives for businesses, vehicle and technology manufacturers, workforce training partners, fleet owners, consumers, and academic institutions with the goal of developing and deploying alternative and renewable fuels and advanced transportation technologies.

For more information, please visit the program website.The sleek design and product features are perfect for car charging in spaces such as retail locations, restaurants, hotels, public parking areas, schools, apartments, office buildings, or airports.

Blink Pedestal and Wall Mount EV charging stations are being installed at a variety of commercial and public locations across the country. For full product specs and additional features of our 60" L2 Blink Pedestal EV charger, download our product information sheet. For full product specs and additional features of our 48" L2 Blink Pedestal EV charger, download our product information sheet.

For full product specs and additional features of our 40" L2 Blink Pedestal EV charger, download our product information sheet.

Technical Details

For full product specs and additional features of our L2 Blink Wall Mount EV charger, download our product information sheet. Learn More. We have detected that your browser has disabled Javascript. Please enable Javascript in your browser settings or you may experience errors. We have detected that your browser has disabled cookies.

Please enable cookies in your browser settings or you may experience errors. Your browser may not be compatible with this webpage. Either it is out of date or we could not detect it correctly. You should consider upgrading to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.I am driving from north Phoenix to Marana Arizona next month and will need to get a charge down there to get back to my home in Cave Creek. I found a private guy on PlugShare who lives near my motel and I can use his Blink level 2 charger which is outside his home.

And anyone tell me how many miles that will give me per hour? Will the adapters Tesla supplied work with a Blink? There is also a Blink J at a Kohl"s nearby, in walking distance. How do I tell what level it is? It all depends on how many Amps the charger provides. Level 2 covers a wide range of current. To determine how quickly you can charge at a given current level, use this calculator:. I used a public Blink in the San Diego area Adding miles took 7 hrs.

Clearly Level 2 charging is yesterday's technology. Who has time to wait around for over 5 hours to get a mile charge? I don't understand why these companies are still deploying such outdated and slow technology. Tesla is today powering its vehicles using superchargers that are 15xx faster than these Level 2 chargers. Even a Leaf will take 3 hours to charge fully at one of these Level 2 chargers.

What is the point? I heard a few months ago Blink lowered the charging current on most of their public chargers to 15amps due to connector issues. I have one at home and it it charges at 30amps. When I called Blink they said some cars didn't say which cars try to overtake the charger to 40amps. So they lowered the current. The point: 1 Not everybody can afford a Tesla.

They're more of a convenience when you might need an hour or so of peace-of-mind charging to know you can make it home. Blink also charges by the hour. I'm not impressed by Blink's explanation. I think it's a way to sell the same power for double the price. Also, I don't like the whole hour increment that I've seen on paid charging. Charge 20 mins, pay for an hour.The pedestal design provides intelligent, user-friendly features to easily and safely charge electric vehicles.

Nav Menu 2. Features Charge circuit interruption device CCID with automatic test Ground monitoring circuit Nuisance-tripping avoidance and auto re-closure Cold load pickup randomized auto-restart following power outage Certified energy and demand metering Wireless IEEE Benefits of Blink's Unique Binary Design Modern, stylish appearence Ease of installation Advertising space available Convenient cable management for long reach and storage between uses Connector holster for protection and storage Intuitive connector docking Selective height design for convenient conformity with ADA considerations o beacon light for easy wayfinding J Standard EV Connector The SAE J is the standard for electric vehicle charging in the United States.

Updated Cord set with ergonomic design Prevents accidental disconnection Grounded pole - first to make contact, last to break contact Designed for over 10, cycles Can withstand being driven over by a vehicle Safe in wet or dry use Energy Meter Internal meter to monitor energy and demand usage Supports energy usage data evaluation Supports electric utility EV billing when certified to ANSI Technical Specs.

SAE Jcompliant.Blink's recently introduced the IQ is billed as a high-powered, networked EVSE that's ideal for apartment complexes, condominiums, and all multi-unit dwellings.

blink level 2 charger price

Now that we've had the opportunity to use one for a while, we're ready to let you know if the unit lives up to promises. The first thing we should mention is that the Blink IQ is primarily designed for use in a public or semi-public space, it's not what a typical EV owner would buy to install in their private garage.

It has a cellular connection and RFID activation, features that add expense and aren't necessary for normal home use. The question then becomes, why do you need that much power? We're glad you asked. The advanced charger intelligence supports multiple charging ports while delivering the fastest level 2 charge possible. When installed on a single electric circuit, it can help minimize installation costs. The Blink IQ has the ability to load-share across anywhere from 2 to 20 units from a single amp feed.

Therefore an apartment complex, workplace charging facility, or any multi-unit dwelling will have the ability to service many EVs with only one power feed. That's vital because in many cases, the complex doesn't have the extra available capacity, and can't afford the thousands of dollars it costs for a service upgrade.

The IQ s will intelligently share power and even queue up cars that are plugged in but not charging, to begin charging once the other cars plugged in first finish. When others connect, the load will be equally shared among them. Also, Blink envisions the IQ being used for commercial fleets which are likely to accept more power than electric cars today can. For example, if you have an electric truck with a kWh battery, a higher charging rate would be necessary to make sure the vehicles were fully recharged for the next morning's routes.

The IQ can be wall-mounted as seen in the installation video above. They are much sleeker and more attractive than the first generation Blink level 2 chargers, in our opinion. Blink has also promised improved quality over the previous-generation EVSE. They have had years to review what worked and what didn't on the earlier equipment they deployed and used that information to make this generation reliable and more durable. The connector is rubberized, not hard plastic and provides a good grip and nice feel in your hand.

We've noticed some of the all-plastic connectors have a cheap feel to them, but the connector used by Blink feels solid, comparable to the connectors used by ChargePoint and ClipperCreek. Utilizing the local load management installation configuration, Blink can maximize the number of charging stations available at any given time on a single amp circuit.

The cable, on the other hand, is very thick and quite heavy. I'm sure that's because the IQ can deliver up to amps.

How To Install an Electric Car (EV) Charger - MMM Show Episode 11

The cable's casing feels thinker than it does on most EVSE cables, so we're thinking Blink's goal was to make the cable very tough, to withstand getting run over and even occasionally parked on.

Cables that are going to be used in public places need to be made a little tougher than those that are going to be used by one family in their private garage.

blink level 2 charger price

The 7" color touchscreen display is bright and seems much better than the touchscreens on the previous-generation Blink level 2 stations. It's very clear and responsive, and while I have it installed inside the garage, it looks like it will be clear and readable outdoors in sunlight, something that's a problem on many public charging stations, like the Electrify America touchscreens, for instance.

You're considering the IQ for your property but want to know if the people it's intended for will actually use it.

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That's a valid concern because there's so much variation in EV charging pricing today.

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