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Brent Yorgey yorgey hendrix. An introduction to the discrete paradigm in mathematics and computer science. Topics include logic, set theory, number theory, induction, recursion, counting techniques, and graph theory. Recall and apply basic definitions, together with logical reasoning, to solve problems involving naive set theory, number theory, combinatorics, and graph theory. Discrete Mathematics and its Applications. Note : all exercises are taken from the 7th edition of the textbook.

Homework and practice problems will be assigned daily. Homework problems will be graded; practice problems are optional and carry no credit. Unless otherwise noted, homework problems assigned in a given week are due by the beginning of class the following Wednesday. I encourage you to work together on homework problems, and I will not be checking for academic integrity violations on HW submissions. However, keep in mind that copying your HW solutions from your classmates or other sources, while it will not get you in trouble, is simply stupid and short-sighted: it will come back to bite you on quizzes and exams.

There will be weekly short quizzes, typically on Fridays, covering material from the homework turned in on Wednesday. Quizzes can be typed, or written on paper and scanned as a PDF using e.

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Genius Scanand turned in via the assignment submission form. Quizzes can be retaken as many times as you want; each time you retake a quiz the new grade replaces the previous grade. To retake a quiz, just schedule a minute meeting slotbeing sure to clearly indicate which quiz or quizzes you intend to retake.

You will complete two projects during the semester, either individually or in groups of two. The projects will give you an opportunity to tackle some bigger problems, and focus on putting details together into a coherent written exposition. You are required to write up your projects using the LaTeX typesetting system. For each exam, you will be given the exam questions one week in advance at least a week and a half or two weeks for the final exam.

You may use any resources in preparing your solutions to the exam—including your notes, textbook, online resources, and each other—with the only exception that I will not answer specific questions about the exam.

On the day of the in-class exam, you must come with no notes and write out your solutions on a clean copy of the exam. You must inform me of your choice no later than Wednesday, January If you do not make a choice, by default all the categories will be weighted equally.The following is a listing of the courses associated with each certificates or modules in the Software Engineering and Computer Science B.

Please see the Program Change Overview page for more information about the changes in general. Please note : This page is designed to share information early-on and help students in their decision-making process. Every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate, but if there are any errors or inconsistencies, the university catalog and registration system are the official source of this information and will take precedence over this informational page. Also, be aware that projected first offering dates are an estimate to help in general planning purposes, but are not to be taken as a firm commitment of course offerings.

These courses help students develop practical skills in a wide variety of computing areas. They also help students decide which specific area of computing is the best fit for them. Many students who start with one computing-related degree may find that another is a better fit and change their major. This module helps students discover their path early on, so they can switch their major with minimal impact on their graduation timeline. This sequence of courses prepares students for a job as an intern or an entry-level programmer.

The courses begin with the fundamental building blocks of programing and culminate with students working in small teams to complete projects of their choice that can have real-world impact. This certificate helps prepare students for a career in developing software that relates to the Web. This includes courses in frontend and backend development, and in database design.

Successful students will have experience in many languages and technologies, and understand the principles that underlie modern Web development. This certificate helps prepare students for a career in software development with special focus in the design, architecture, testing, and evaluation of software components. It is a sequence of courses that begins by focusing on small components, progresses through larger data structures and design patterns, and culminates with large-scale system design.

Submitting Assignments via GitHub

Successful students will have a sound understanding of the principles and practices of software design and architecture. This certificate helps prepare students for a career in quality assurance by providing a solid foundation in both the principles of quality assurance and testing as well as important technical skills in areas such as security and concurrency.

Successful students will be prepared for careers as quality assurance engineers or as software engineers that have a special eye toward quality and improvement. This certificate helps students dive deeply in the processes surrounding the creation of software, including requirements elicitation, systems design, as well as software life-cycle models and project management.

Successful students often begin employment with a position as a software developer and are well-positioned for a software management track. This certificate helps students write the software behind physical systems. Successful students will have great experience with hardware and be well-prepared to develop software for IoT the Internet of Things.

All computer science majors complete this module to deepen their understanding of the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the field, so they know not only the how but the why of computing. In this certificate, students develop skills in machine learning and the mathematical foundations that support it, and how to apply these skills to uncover meaningful patterns in data.

In addition to being prepared for various careers related to programming, successful students will also be prepared for future learning and growth in machine learning.

This module helps students deepen their understanding of the functional programming paradigm that is essential to modern concurrent and distributed systems.

Successful students will be prepared for careers in high use and availability cloud and backend systems. In addition, the following courses are available as either General Electives or to fill the "Choose 12 credits" Software Engineering electives:.Nic Herndon nherndon cs. Andrew Lan andrewlan cs.

Lecture 4 : Total probability theorem and Bayes' rule Reading: 1. Lecture 5 : Independence Reading: 1. Lecture 7 : Counting continued Reading: 1. Lecture 10 : Expectation, mean, and variance Reading: 2. Lecture 11 : Functions of random variables Reading: 2. Lecture 13 : Continuous random variables Reading: 3. Lecture 14 : Cumulative distribution functions Reading: 3. Class canceled due to inclement weather Quiz 5 available, due Fri, Mar 8.

Lecture 17 : Covariance and correlation Reading: 4. Lecture 18 : Markov and Chebyshev inequalities Reading: 5. Lecture 19 : The weak law of large numbers, and convergence in probability Reading: 5. Lecture 20 : Central limit theorem, and the strong law of large numbers Reading: 5. Lecture 26 : Steady-state behavior Reading: 7. Lecture 2 : Probabilistic models Reading: 1. Lecture 3 : Conditional probability Reading: 1.

Lecture 15 : Normal random variables Reading: 3. Lecture 22 : Game theory - Part II. Lecture 24 : Discrete time Markov chains Reading: 7. Lecture 25 : Classification of states Reading: 7.Toyota transmission Fractional co2 laser price.

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Lab Submission

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Inspired by recent successes in using deep reinforcement learning to beat 2D Atari games, we wanted to explore using deep learning in realistic 3D environments. Subsequently, I designed and built a photo-realistic world simulator in the gaming environment Unreal Engine that we could use to simulate agents in the real world. With the simulator, we have been able to study deep reinforcement learning algorithms that can extract information from simulated sensors and transform it into low-level actions to achieve goals in complex environments.

The simulator architecture and the sensors I built are being used in a variety of research projects in the lab; for example, we are now using deep reinforcement learning in our simulator to teach drones to quickly navigate high-risk environments like forests. I designed and built a new multi-threaded logger process for the BSR. This project improved logging for the BSR and made it much easier for developers to debug products that were deployed by the government in remote areas.

My team designed it to be highly customizable so that it could be used for various customers and builds of the BSR. Our process enables dynamic manipulation of log filters and encrypts the logs. It uses a GUI to help customers and developers easily interact with it. Our project was integrated into the main codebase during my last week; many employees commented that they had never seen an intern project be integrated so quickly!

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It also gave me the opportunity to work with many different, highly-skilled engineers across the company who specialize in different areas. My work focused on integrating our back-end services into the user interfaces that make up our websites and applications.

The main websites I worked on included byutv. Our team built the platform, CMS, and front-end of these websites using a variety of classic as well as experimental technologies.

Every two weeks, we each had the opportunity to use a planning week to explore new technologies and areas of interest. We also gave and received trainings on the new technologies that we were learning. Working at BYU Broadcasting helped me to do interesting projects like implementing a custom twitter feed, building a server, and even writing my own app.

I had the incredible opportunity to write production-level code in a professional environment using exciting new technologies. In collaboration with Qualtrics and as part of a BYU senior capstone project, 3 students and I designed machine learning and natural language processing tools that automatically identified actionable responses in free-response surveys.

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This makes it easier for organizations to quickly find and use the most useful responses from many thousands of survey responses. PerBlue is a startup gaming company that has successfully sold multimillion dollar games, and recently launched a game in collaboration with Disney.

As a backend software engineer intern, I worked on a massive multiplayer real time strategy title. I built critical backend server systems and game features using distributed computing techniques to support the large multiplayer world. I also designed a new resynchronization process to execute partial resents, reducing message sizes by up to 30x.This document provides the procedure you should use for recording and submitting your labs to the TA.

It assumes that you have previously set up your CS account and have cloned your ia or ib github repository on to your workstation. The following description uses iX to refer to your ia or ib directory and labN to refer to the current lab, i. Start up a terminal running within a terminal window. You should find at least one terminal program, typically within the Applications menu of your system. Make sure that the shell you are using is a sh -based shell like bash.


You can enter bash by typing the command bash. Create a directory for the lab you are working in your copy of your github respository:.

Create a script file which will contain a log of your lab. You will be submitting this log to the TA in order to establish that you have completed the lab.

For example:. Perform the required lab tasks within the above terminal. All input and output to the terminal will also be logged in the above log file. You may also want to start up another terminal window.

You can use this auxiliary terminal for listing command manuals or playing around with commands without the output being logged. Within each terminal window you should be able to scroll through your command history using the up and down arrow keys. You should be able to use the tab key to get suggestions for possible commands or filenames. When you have completed the lab, go to your main terminal window and type a control-D character that is hold down the control key and d key simultaneously to indicate the end of your session.

LOG or by looking at the log file using a text editor.

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Get ready to merge your lab0 branch by first merging any changes from the master branch:. If you find a problem with your submission, you may directly update your submission in the submit directory, followed by a commit and push. You should feel free to create any other subdirectories within your iX directory. The only directory which will be monitored for submitted assignments is the submit directory in the master branch.

If you are submitting late, please email the TA responsible for your section:. Lab Submission This document provides the procedure you should use for recording and submitting your labs to the TA.

After logging on to the Unix system you are using: Start up a terminal running within a terminal window.A software engineer with diverse and practical early development experience.

Skilled at communicating with users and development teams to lead product development. Experience with Agile development methodologies. Description: I built a simple web scraper that took reviews from a car dealership and identified the "most positive" reviews. Implemented in Python with a full set of unit tests. Description: As part of a team, I built a game server that could recompile code that defined the behavior of in game object at runtime.

The point of this project was to build games that would allow the player to recode the game as they played it so they could learn coding techniques. Implemented in Java with heavy use of reflection and polymorphism. Description: As part of a team, I contributed to a platform designed to simplify career fairs.

I primarily worked on the back end which was implemented using Java, with the Play framework and a PostgreSQL database. Home Work History Projects Contact. Reid Bundy A software engineer with diverse and practical early development experience.

Projects Web Scraper Description: I built a simple web scraper that took reviews from a car dealership and identified the "most positive" reviews.

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Purposeful Gaming Framework Description: As part of a team, I built a game server that could recompile code that defined the behavior of in game object at runtime. Queuesence Description: As part of a team, I contributed to a platform designed to simplify career fairs.

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